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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Secure the planet. Since our inception as a company, we have made this the premise of everything we do.

Our Story

Mand Consulting Group was founded by Manny Mand in 2019. Manny set out to create a boutique cyber security consultancy after becoming aware of the many frustrations companies had when engaging with cyber security service providers. From selling services that their clients do not need, to hidden costs when performing engagements (i.e. retest costs), other security providers have failed to take a client-centric, honest approach to their engagements. 

Having an idea of what to avoid, Manny vowed his firm would be different. Since then, we have held true to our promise. Leading with integrity, we work directly with our clients to determine exactly what gaps they have in their organization. From there, our team will recommend the appropriate services or products (if any) that fits your organization’s needs.

Despite his age, Manny brings with him an impressive wealth of experience and history with cyber security. He holds a Masters of Management (MoM) from The Smith School of Business at Queen's University and is the CEO of a large cyber security non-profit that operates in the United States and Canada.​

​Under his helm, he has led large teams of consultants while subsequently managing dozens of projects at any given time. His industry prowess coupled with his extensive technical ability makes him the perfect intersection between management and technical consulting.

Experienced Leadership

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