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Enterprise Penetration Testing. SME Pricetag.

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Case Study
Fact Sheet

Stop overpaying for subpar results. With our competitive pricing strategy we are able to offer enterprise quality penetration testing services at SME friendly rates.

Cloud Security Assessments

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have done a remarkable job deploying and securing their infrastructure, however, many public cloud tenants have the misconception that being on the cloud enables them to have a strong security posture. While certain default configurations may be adequate, more often than not these default controls will not satisfy even the most basic security requirements of any business operation.

While the Cloud offers enticing opportunities to transform organizations, security and compliance continue to remain barriers to cloud adoption. Coupled with the lack of talent and the complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, these concerns are major roadblocks in an organization’s cloud journey.

Using our in-house team of skilled cloud consultants, we are pleased to offer cloud security consulting. Our experts will analyze your cloud environment and assess the architecture for gaps. From there, we will present a comprehensive action plan to address any identified gaps.

You should not have to decide between a cost-effective or a quality penetration testing provider. With our agile structure, we are able to offer both. Our consultants are in-house experts in their respective domains with a variety of certifications such as OSCP, eWPTX, eMAPT, CRTP, CRTE and numerous cloud certifications. Where other companies rely on automated tools, we use manual techniques. We offer penetration testing across a number of domains such as: ​

  • IoT

  • Cloud

  • Web Application

  • Mobile Application

  • API

  • Infrastructure

  • Wireless

Application Penetration Testing

Why Work With Us?

  • Free Retesting of Vulnerabilities

  • Specialized Expertise 

  • In-house Canadian Consultants

  • High-quality reports with customized remediation steps

  • A life long partner that scales as your organization does

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